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A Heart to Know

Memory Verses for Adults, Vol. 1

We created a helpful way to write God's word upon our hearts. 

A Heart to Know - Memory Verses for Adults, Vol.1, is an excellent study tool to help adults become more capable of scripture memorization.

Like the A Heart to Know - Memory Verses for Kids edition, there are written exercises that reinforce reading and memorization. While the kids' memory book uses the alphabet to remember the Bible verses, A Heart to Know - Memory Verses for Adults, Vol.1 uses the New Testament books. The specifically chosen verses are two verses that help highlight the key theme(s) of each New Testament book, deepening your understanding.

There is no reason to be intimidated by the thought of memorizing scripture anymore! You can now have confidence because you indeed can do ALL THING THROUGH CHRIST - even memorize (Philippians 4:13). 

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A Heart to Know

Memory Verses for Kids

Another great way to train your children in the way they should go (Proverbs 22:6).

A Heart to Know - Memory Verses for Kids pairs the alphabet with a memory verse. Every scripture was specifically chosen to help children know God and understand His infinite love for us.

Every verse begins with a letter of the alphabet or highlights the letter in the verse. After memorizing 26 verses, the child is encouraged to learn 26 more verses by going through the alphabet again. That's 52 verses! Committing scripture to memory develops A Heart to Know the One True God (Jeremiah 24:7). 

Every verse has written exercises designed to encourage memorization. With over 100 pages, it is an excellent supplement to family Bible devotions, homeschool curriculum, and much more!

Coloring Through the 


This Project to Glorify the King is more than a coloring book! 

Coloring Through the Bible includes 70 fun pages to 

All were designed to learn more about God by learning His Word (Deuteronomy 6:6-7).

Amazing Bible Characters

Learning Your ABCs

Here is a colorful and easy way to introduce Bible characters while learning the alphabet with your toddler or preschooler. Each letter page features an Amazing Bible Character from scripture. Reading this book together with your pre-reader will help associate the Bible characters with the alphabet, aiding in their memory in the future. 

It is also small enough for little hands to carry!

Walking with Jesus  

Seeing the Savior Throughout the Bible

This Bible storybook was written for children but is designed to bless all who read it. It explores the recurring metaphor of walking in the Bible, which refers to a way of life that one pursues (Genesis 5:24). Walking with Jesus "walks" the reader through familiar Old Testament stories and the incredible lessons they teach while demonstrating how all the stories of the Bible walk us right to Jesus (Luke 24:44; John 5:39-40). Rather than the Old Testament being used only to teach moralistic stories from the past, this storybook shows how the Old Testament teaches moral lessons while pointing to the Messiah at the same time.

Oh, How God Loves Us! 

The Story Book

We believe that children should learn about God from an early age and have His word in their hearts (Deuteronomy 6:6-9; Ephesians 6:4). This book aims to help parents, grandparents, Bible class teachers, and all those involved in teaching children to learn the scripture stories that have been passed down for centuries. Although we could have chosen any number of stories from the Bible, we have selected the ones that we believe will help young readers gain an overall understanding of the Bible. These stories are not word-for-word retellings but are summaries that we believe are true to Scripture and easy for young minds to understand. We use the word "story" to refer to an actual historical account, not in a fictional sense. We have included familiar and lesser-known stories essential to understanding the God who loves us so much. Our hope is that readers will keep these stories and accompanying drawings in their hearts and be reminded of God's love, inspiring them to love Him in return (1 John 4:19)! 

Oh, How God Loves Us! 

The Activity Book

This book is designed to engage children in fun activities while teaching them the Bible at the same time. The activities help acquaint children with Bible accounts/stories and Bible characters while teaching them to comprehend and think carefully. We hope through these activities that children come to know and love God and His word more. 

The Activity Book serves as a great companion to the Story Book. The activities, such as word searches, coloring sheets with Bible verses, and Bible verse matching, will keep children engaged while teaching them God's truth at the same time. It has been designed to reinforce the Bible lessons from the Story Book. We hope you enjoy it!

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