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Walking with Jesus

Seeing the Savior Throughout the Bible

This new Bible storybook was written for children but is designed to bless all ages who read it. Walking is a recurring metaphor in the Bible and is meant to refer to a way of life one pursues (Genesis 5:24). Walking with Jesus through the Bible is designed to take a look at familiar Old Testament stories and notice the incredible lessons they teach us. Moreover, as we notice those lessons, we want to see and demonstrate how all the stories of the Bible, when properly read, walk us right up to Jesus (Luke 24:44; John 5:39-40). Instead of the Old Testament being used to teach moralistic stories from the past to the current generation, this storybook shows how the Old Testament teaches moral lessons while at the same time pointing to the Messiah.

We hope that as you read this book, you will see the connections made to Jesus and that it will stir your heart to greater love and appreciation for him. We also hope that as you read and see these connections, you will train yourself to read the Old Testament carefully in light of the New Testament and make these connections yourself in other areas. We believe the Bible is best read when we consider both Testaments in light of each other and keep Jesus as the main focus of it all. As young readers learn early on to look for Jesus as they read the Bible, prayerfully, they will continue this throughout their lives. Our walk with Jesus is helped by seeing how others walked with him. The Old Testament was written for our learning and our hope (Romans 15:4). The more we learn, the more we will hope in Him. Our work will not have been in vain if your walk with him is benefited by walking through this book!

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Oh, How God Loves Us!

The Story Book

This Bible Story Book has a specific purpose. We realize that God wants children to learn about Him very early on and to get the word of God in their hearts (Deuteronomy 6:6-9; Ephesians 6:4). We hope that this book will help parents, grandparents, Bible class teachers, and all involved in teaching children to learn the accounts of scripture that have been taught for centuries. Every generation must be taught these familiar stories again and again. We could have chosen any number of stories from scripture, but we tried to select the stories that we felt would help young readers get an overall grasp of the Bible. These are not word-for-word retellings of the stories but are summaries that we believe are true to Scripture and easy for young minds to digest. We use the word story, not in the fictional sense, but to refer to an actual historical account. We attempted to include familiar stories, which are well-known and also lesser-known stories that are vital to our understanding of the God who loves us so much. As readers come away from this book, we hope that the stories and pictures accompanying them will stay in your hearts. We hope that you will come back to this book, again and again, to be reminded of the God who loves us so much and that ultimately you and those you read this to will love Him back (1 John 4:19)!

Oh, How God Loves Us!

The Activity Book

This book is designed to engage children in fun activities while teaching them the Bible at the same time. The activities help acquaint children with Bible accounts/stories and Bible characters while also teaching them to comprehend and think carefully. We hope through these activities that children come to know and love God and His word more.

The Activity Book serves as a great companion to the Story Book. The activities, such as word searches, coloring sheets with Bible verses, and Bible verse matching, will keep children engaged while teaching them God's truth at the same time. This Activity Book is designed to reinforce the Bible lessons from the Story Book. We hope you enjoy it!

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